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The project is located in the supporting service area of Changchun Xinglong Comprehensive Bonded Zone, adjacent to the Airport Road and adjacent to the Karon Lake Scenic Resort. It is about 15km from the center of Changchun and about 16km from Longjia Airport. The transportation is convenient and the location advantage is good.

Project address

No. 10588 Airport Road, Xinglong Comprehensive Bonded Zone, Changchun City <

Self-driving route

Departure from Changchun Station: Changchun Station - North Expressway - Changji North Line - Zhongshan Street - Airport Road

Depart from Longjia Airport: Longjia Airport-X026 Expressway-Changji North Line-Zhongshan Street-Airport Road

Departure from People's Square: People's Square - Jiefang Road - Jilin Road - Harbin Street - Airport Road

Departure from Oriental Plaza: Oriental Plaza - Harbin Street - Airport Road

Public transit

Bus No. 247, get off at Zhongshan Square Station

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