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Project Description
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The Garden will host the 2019 Changchun Volkswagen Ski Series

Project Description:The first indoor surf pavilion in the Northeast has been built, which combines various sports elements such as surfing, board surfing, skateboarding, shallow water surfing and tidal surfing. In the experience, you can use the station board or the seesaw to slide, and take a zero-distance contact with the realistic spray, really feel the extreme feeling of the natural sea surfing. Europe's top equipment takes you to the wind and waves in the city, feeling a new and exciting new fashion model.


Vigorous research, leading fashion, advanced experience

As the practice carrier of sports and leisure, Changchun Huayuan·Happy Cube combines the functions of fashion sports, leisure vacations, entertainment parties, parent-child experiences and competition services, and is committed to providing consumers with a totally relaxed and international sense. Consumer experience. At the same time, it has opened up a new direction for the study activities of primary and secondary school students, and will improve the overall quality of children and adolescents in an all-round way, and help the development of sports health undertakings!

Core audience and meaning


It has a positive effect on children's physical and mental health and intellectual development, and this is also the core value of attracting parents and friends.


Here you can experience diversified learning content, promote mutual friendship between students, build a good relationship between teachers and students and students, and develop the vision of the participants to improve their overall quality.


Happy Cube's sports facilities are world-class, wind tunnels and competitive rock climbing equipment meet international leading standards, and can undertake the corresponding indoor skydiving and rock climbing competitions.


Here, each student can feel the individual's growth and collective cohesion, and enhance the team's mutual trust and collaboration.