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Release time:2019-10-28

According to Xinhua News Agency, watching 3D movies allows people to enjoy a novel visual experience. A study by the Goldsmith University in London, UK, shows that this also helps to improve the brain.

The researchers recruited more than 100 volunteers to watch the regular and 3D Disney films "Super Marines" and let volunteers do mental training questions before and after the screening. Test questions to test memory, reaction speed and cognition ability. When volunteers watched the film, the researchers also recorded their brain activity with the aid of instruments.

Research leader and neuroscientist Patrick Fagan said the results show that volunteers are more active when watching 3D movies, indicating that this can exercise and improve the brain's short-term function, which is similar to receiving brain training; In comparison, the brain's concentration increased by 7% on average, cognitive ability increased by 23% on average, and viewers' response speed increased by 11%.

However, in a study conducted by the University of Utah in the United States, researchers used a variety of measurements to monitor the 408 physiological responses of viewers watching 2D and 3D movies, including palm sweating, respiratory rate, and heart rate response. Whether it's a comedy, a tragedy, a horror or a thriller, the two versions don't make the viewer's physiological response too big.

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